Shelter Village

SHELTER VILLAGE/ SHELTERLANDSBYEN, permanet public artwork, Fyn, Denmark 2023.

In spring 2022 we won a competition (by invitation from the Danish Arts Foundation) to design a group of shelters for Tarup-Davinde, a former gravel pit area.
Shelters are established in nature these years in Denmark, by both private people and public organisations, for anyone to use. Hikers or families that wants to sleep outdoor together etc. Traditionally shelters like this are built from wood. But we have chosen a different approach on sustainability. The sleeping platform is made from from locally sourced larch wood, but the shelter itself is made from aluminium and recycled acrylic. They are covered inside with a layer of local wool felt..
Morphologically inspired by the many sea urchin fossils to be found in the area, but translated into long lasting, durable, thin aluminum shells.
By N55 ( and @anne_romme, in collaboration with Anne Bagger.
Help from Till Wolfer, @conorkcoughlan, @per_schandorff, and David Babba
The Project is funded by @statenskunstfond and Tarup Davinde I/S