Ida and Mikkel’s house

Extension to existing villa

In 2011 I was commissioned to design an extension to Ida’s and Mikkel’s house in Copenhagen. The house needed a space for the family to gather, eat, cook and play while in close contact with the garden all year round. The extension is simply one large, square room filled with daylight, connected to the original house by a new (side) entrance space.

In between the original house and the extension, a small courtyard facing south acts as an extra, outdoor room. Visual and physical connections between the house and the garden, the original and the new, the indoor and outdoor are plenty, and in the summertime boundaries between in and out become fluid.

Structure and materials:
Concrete foundations, timber structure clad with tarred wood.
Indoor: polished concrete floor, gypsum walls and ceiling.
Design consultancy: Ion Sørvin
All photographs by Amanda Andresen