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  • Skizzieren, Zeichnen, Skripten, Modelieren

    Drawing fields  

  • The Practice of Everyday Life

    The Practice of Everyday Life

  • Menagerie

    By N55/Ion Sørvin and Anne Romme2016Competition proposal The menagerie is a structure in which to study human behaviour. The water in the central inner, but outdoor room directly reflects the image of the human – that is, if one does not instead spot another animal species, the gold fish, under the surface of the water. From…

  • XYZ Baby by N55 and Romme

    XYZ Baby

    N55 and Till Wollfer invited me to co-design this children’s bike with them within the XYZ Spaceframe Vehicle project. It has been named XYZ Baby and is still mostly a prototype. More XYZ Spaceframe Vehicles can be found here

  • SPACEPLATES Pavillion

    Competition entry, January 2015  

  • Ward Lucas lectureship in the Arts

    N55 was awarded the  14-15 Ward Lucas Lectureship in the Arts by Carleton College, Minnesota, US. Our work with the college students culminated with an exhibition “Reclaim the Arb”, which opened in February 2014. We’d like to thank a website that helped us get more students over the past few years. Students said how you could…


    Prags Boulevard 43 is a remarkable initiative. It is located just south of Copenhagen City Center on a 6400 m2 site made available free of charge by the landowner Azko Nobel. Since 2010 the buildings have been filled with creative entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and many others, housing in total about 150 people and hosting a…

  • Underwater SPACEPLATES

    Sketch We are working on an underwater version of the SPACEPLATES project. Lloyd Godson, marine biologist and Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year will live underwater in a self repairing underwater habitat in Sydney harbour to inspire young people to conserve Australia’s biodiversity, especially in the marine environment. The structure is designed by N55 and Anne Romme in…

  • Meanwhile

    Because I am currently working on my PhD dissertation, not to be published before it is all complete, new work on this site is sparse. But I did find some old work from my time at Cooper Union, in this case a studio lead by Professor Lebbeus Woods, spring 2004. The market place is an…

  • Nautilus model

    Anne Romme2014Ongoing researchModel: HDF, 2mm, lasercut Naturally occurring geometries continues to inspire. This is an example of the SPACEPLATES system tiled as a nautilus-like form. Surfaces with negative Gauss-curvature requires special attention, and in this preliminary sketch, only the part of the nautilus with positive Gauss-curvature has been solved.  

  • Winter in Prag’s Garden

    SPACEPLATES Greenhouse Prototype covered in ice at Prag’s Have

  • Site-specific sound installation

    Photo: Cecilia Jonsson and PB43 The SPACEPLATES Greenhouse Prototype was used for a site-specific sound installation by Swedish artist Cecilia Jonsson at the LAK – Festival for Nordic Sound Art, at Prags Boulevard 43, 2012. The installation was called “A dome can be thought of as an arch, rotated around its central vertical axis”.

  • Greenhouse at Prags Have

    The SPACEPLATES Greenhouse Prototype has been moved to Prags Have. Straps used for transportation has not been removed, but tomatoes and other plants have settled in.

  • Sketch

    Composite SPACEPLATES modelAnne Romme2014Model: PVC, 2 mm, CNC-cut

  • Sketch

    Model of four intersecting spheres, each center at the vertices of a tetrahedron. PVC, 2 mm, cnc-cut

  • SPACEPLATES Greenhouse, Bristol, UK

    The SPACEPLATES Greenhouse is currently being constructed by our team at the South Bristol Skills Academy in Bristol, UK In collaboration with N55Photo credits and construction: Till Wolfer, Sacsha Pölling, Niko Jungel

  • SPACEPLATES Greenhouse, Bristol, UK

    The test assembly of the first module of the SPACEPLATES Greenhouse Bristol. We have performed structural tests today (satisfactory). 

  • Sue Ferguson Gussow, Professor Emerita, Cooper Union

    In March 2010 my dear friend, mentor, former teacher and colleague visited  Copenhagen as a guest teacher at Dep.2, School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Art. She taught freehand drawing and I was assistant, co-teacher and guest critic. I took these photos while Sue instructed students in drawing from two of her…


    One City Campaign exhibition openingKrøyers Plads, Copenhagen2011 N55 Walking House, SPACEPLATES Greenhouse prototype, N55 public space rover, music by Vits Johnson, and Sputnik mobile launch platform by Copenhagen Suborbitals.

  • Public Space Robot in progress

    Public Space Rover

    N55 Public Space RoverN55/Ion Sørvin, Bill McKenna, Sam Kronick, Anne Rommein progress Walking robot programmed to act in public space. The N55 Public Space Rover took its first steps in public space at the ONE CITY CAMPAIGN opening. See video here.