We are working on an underwater version of the SPACEPLATES project. Lloyd Godson, marine biologist and Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year will live underwater in a self repairing underwater habitat in Sydney harbour to inspire young people to conserve Australia's biodiversity, especially in the marine environment. The structure is designed by N55 and Anne Romme in collaboration with Anne Bagger, M.Sc. PhD.

Learn about Lloyd's work here: Lloydgodson.com and about the specific project here: tikandbubbles.org

Nautilus model

Anne Romme
Ongoing research
Model: HDF, 2mm, lasercut

Naturally occurring geometries continues to inspire. This is an example of the SPACEPLATES system tiled as a nautilus-like form. Surfaces with negative Gauss-curvature requires special attention, and in this preliminary sketch, only the part of the nautilus with positive Gauss-curvature has been solved.