White Screens
Collaboration with Fiyel Levent

Dimensions: w: 72″, h: 96″, d: 1″
Cnc-milled polyethylene, steel frame
Idea and design: Fiyel Levent and Anne Romme
Fabrication:  Situ Studio

The screen was featured in BklynDesigns 2009 and exhibited at Fiyel Levent’s solo exhibition Of Ether and Grace, the Christopher Henry Gallery, New York, 2009

The cnc-milled, transluscent screen doors are inspired by the geometry in Islamic cultures, seeking to re-implement texture into contemporary architecture. By mechanically exhausting the material to a point of exhaustion and lighting the installation from within, the space seems to glow. The screens are constructed from polyethylene, a plastic used in consumer products such as the plastic shopping bag. Though recyclable, most polyethylene ends up in landfills and in the ocean. The material we were using was recovered from a storage room in a sunken navy ship, and salvaged by a plastic lumber yard in Pennsylvania.

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