Ten Plans of Negotiation.
Collaboration with Maria Mengel, Tine Bernstorff Aagaard, Kristine Annabel Torp, Jonathan Melgaard Houser. 
Presented at the Millions of Plans conference at KADK 2017

The project discusses – in drawing – the role of the plan as a negotiator of spatial strategies.
In the education of architects, in particular in the first year where predetermined conventions are questioned in order to sharpen the creative and curious mind, a fundamental understanding of the relationship between the individual and the collective is essential. To work directly, pedagogically and aesthetically, with this relationship, we, in our teaching, use the plan drawing as a literal site of negation between a group of students, who all participate as single individuals in the common site.
Likewise, in this project, the plan is a site of negotiation. Aldo Rossi’s plan drawing of the San Cataldo Cemetery is our starting point. In itself a negotiation between different modes of presentation (plan, elevation and axonometric) and between the imagined, complete work and the actual built structures, the plan presents us with a rich field of dilemmas.
To begin, each of the five participants draws two similar plans. One of the plans is passed on between the submitters, who takes turns in drawing further into it, negotiating the marks already made. Simultaneously the other plan is challenged by five new layers made entirely by the original maker of the plan. In the end, all plans return to their origin, and five pairs of plans show evidence of the collective negotiation in parallel to the individual voice.

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